Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having a problem involving a federal agency, how can Senator Boxer help me resolve it?
Senator Boxer has designated staff to assist constituents with problems with federal agencies. If you are experiencing such a problem, please visit the Assistance with a Federal Agency page.

What if I'm having a problem involving state or local government?
The best thing to do if you are having a problem with an agency at another level of government is contact those officials who were elected to represent you at that level. For example, if you need help addressing an issue with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, you would be best served by contacting your state senator or assembly member.

What Senate Committees does Senator Boxer sit on?
Senator Boxer is chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, making her the only sitting Senator to hold two Committee Chairmanships. She also sits on the Foreign Relations Committee and the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

My family and I are planning to visit Washington, DC. Can Senator Boxer assist me with tickets to some of the more popular sites around the capital?
Senator Boxer's office is allotted a limited number of tickets to tour the White House and other attractions in Washington. These are reserved on a first come, first served basis. To apply for these tickets or find out more about touring these and other sites in the Washington area visit our Tours in D.C. section.

I wrote a letter to Senator Boxer. When will I get a response?
Senator Boxer is committed to answering every letter she receives from her constituents as quickly as possible. Given the large volume of mail she receives, it sometimes can take several weeks for a response.

Where can I get information on federal legislation? One of the very best places to get up-to-date information on the workings of the Congress and federal government is a web site known as THOMAS and operated by the Library of Congress. At this site, you can search for all bills that have been introduced.

Where are Senator Boxer's offices located in California?
Senator Boxer maintains six offices throughout California in order to better serve her constituents. She has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Riverside and Sacramento. Contact information for these offices and her main office in Washington, DC can be obtained by clicking here.

What bills has Senator Boxer introduced?
Click here for a THOMAS listing of bills Senator Boxer has sponsored this session of Congress.

Where can I get more information about Senator Boxer's legislative priorities?
For more information on various issues of importance to Senator Boxer and California, visit the Issues Section or the Press Section of her website.

Does Senator Boxer offer internship opportunities?
Yes, each Boxer office offers internships. For information on internships, call, write or e-mail the Boxer office where you would like to intern. Or proceed to the Internship Section for more information.

How do I become a Senate Page?
If you would like information about becoming a Page visit our Senate Page Section or you may contact the Senate Page Program directly at (202) 228-1291.

Does Senator Boxer nominate students for admission to the various military service academies?
Yes, for more information go to the Service Academies Section

How can I order a United States flag?
For information on flag orders visit our Capitol Flags Section.

Does Senator Boxer provide any information in Spanish?
For a rough translation of Senator Boxer's site through Google's website translation service go here.

When was Senator Boxer elected?
Senator Boxer was first elected to the U.S. Senate on November 3, 1992. She was reelected to a second six-year term on November 3rd, 1998, a third November 2nd, 2004, and most recently to a fourth term on November 2nd, 2010.

What district does Senator Boxer represent?
Senator Boxer is one of two Senators who represent all 38 million Californians in the United States Senate. Unlike members of the House of Representatives and state senators and assembly members, she does not have a designated district. Senator Feinstein is California's other U.S. Senator.

What did Senator Boxer do before she became a Senator?
Senator Boxer was a member of the House of Representatives representing the Sixth Congressional District for ten years before being elected to the Senate. Before this she was a Marin County Supervisor. Before entering public service, Senator Boxer raised a family and worked as a congressional aide, a journalist and a stockbroker.

What can you tell me about Senator Boxer's family?
Senator Barbara Boxer met her husband of 48 years, Stewart Boxer, at Brooklyn College.  The couple moved to California in 1965 to raise their two children, Doug and Nicole. They have been blessed with four grandchildren—Zachary, Zain, Sawyer and Reyna.

Where did Senator Boxer grow up?
Senator Boxer was born Barbara Levy in Brooklyn, New York on November 11, 1940. She attended public schools from kindergarten through college. She graduated from Wingate High School and Brooklyn College, where she received a bachelors degree in economics.