Press Release of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer

For Immediate Release:
March 20, 2007  
Washington D.C. Office (202) 224-3553

Boxer Statement in Support of Legislation to Require Senate Confirmation of All U.S. Attorneys  

 "The Administration's attack on sitting U.S. Attorneys is an unprecedented abuse of power. The White House and the Attorney General injected politics into the process and chose to fire eight U.S. Attorneys, including our U.S. Attorney in San Diego, Carol Lam. These attorneys were not fired because of poor job performance, as the Attorney General initially claimed, but because in one way or another they did not carry out the political agenda of the White House.

"Despite the Administration's efforts to downplay and spin these events to Congress, we now know that this plan was orchestrated at the highest levels of the White House.

"For example, Karl Rove misled the public when he asserted that the Justice Department's action was comparable to President Clinton's actions. This is untrue. No Administration has ever lashed out and fired a group of their own U.S. attorneys in the middle of a term.

"There is an immediate need for legislation to ensure that the Administration can no longer appoint new U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation. I thank my colleague, Senator Feinstein, for her superb leadership on this issue."