Senator Boxer: ENDA Introduced in the Senate   

Tuesday, August 11, 2009  

Dear Friend:

I am pleased to let you know that I have joined a bipartisan group of Senators in introducing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  

This legislation is long overdue. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009 would prohibit employers, employment agencies, labor organizations and joint labor-management committees from firing, refusing to hire, or discriminating against, on the basis of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity, those employed or seeking employment. Such protections are already in place prohibiting discrimination based on race, religion, gender, national origin, age, and disability.  

Our bill has been endorsed by national civil rights organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the ACLU, labor organizations, and more than fifty Fortune 500 companies. You can count on me to work to ensure its passage.


Barbara Boxer, US Senator, California
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer