Senator Boxer:  California Wins Juvenile Justice Funding   

Wednesday, August 19, 2009  

Dear Friend:

The State of California was recently awarded about $4.6 million from the Department of Justice’s Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program to help reduce juvenile crime. The objective of this federal funding program is to hold young people accountable for their actions through the use of swift and consistent graduated sanctions that are appropriate to the offense.  

The funds that California receives will be distributed, with 75 percent going to local government for their juvenile justice programs. Funding will be used to hire judges, probation officers, defenders and special advocates, and other court personnel to ensure that justice is prompt. Funds will also be used to establish and maintain programs to reduce recidivism and to successfully return these young people to productive lives.

I am very pleased that these funds will come to California to help provide both speedy and consistent justice to young offenders. This program will not only enable young people to receive the attention they need but will also help to improve the quality of life in local communities.


Barbara Boxer, US Senator, California
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer