Senator Boxer:  Calculate your Commute Costs   

Friday, October 17, 2008  

Dear Friend:

I recently spoke at the annual meeting of the American Public Transportation Association to share my thoughts about the need for increased investment in transportation in the coming years.  I was pleased to be able to discuss my plans for the next Federal highway, transit and highway safety authorization legislation.

I strongly support the expansion of public transportation in our nation.  I see public transportation as one of the solutions to several of our problems.  Investing in new public transportation projects will create jobs and serve as economic stimulus.  Public transportation often offers a cheaper way to get to work and back, plus it helps to reduce congestion on our roadways which speeds everyone’s commute.  And it is a cleaner transportation option, offering both cleaner air and a reduction in greenhouse gases. 

Many Americans question whether public transportation is right for their particular situation.   The American Public Transportation Association offers some answers to those questions.  Its website,, offers an online directory of public transportation options for communities across the nation.  It also offers online calculators to judge how much money can be saved for specific commutes and how much you can reduce your carbon footprint.  Both of these factors can be part of a smart decision.

I encourage you to look into the information provided by the American Public Transportation Association as you make a decision on what transportation alternative is best for you.


Barbara Boxer, US Senator, California
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer